Registering NFTs allow them to be used as reactions in the RARA protocol.

L1 registrations use the RootRegistrar ABI, L2 registrations use the MakerRegistar ABI

    nftContractAddress: Address, // The Address of the NFT you want to Register
    nftId: Uint256, // Token ID of the NFT you want to Register
    creatorAddress: Address, // The Address receiving a cut of Maker rewards
    creatorSaleBasisPoints: Uint256 // The basis points set aside for the Maker
    optionBits: Uint256, // Parameter version of the Reaction you're using
    ipfsMetadataHash: String // Additional metadata saved with registration


All parameters are required


Contract Address of the NFT receiving reactions


Token ID of the NFT receiving reactions


The address of the creator of this NFT. If a creatorAddress is set, they will receive a portion of the Maker Rewards generated each time this Reaction is spent based on the following creatorSaleBasisPoints parameter. Use addressZero to leave the creatorAddress parameter unset.


Basis points allocated to the creator as a portion of the MakerRewards generated during a reaction sale. Use 0 if no basis points should be allocated to the creator.


This parameter can be used to create different versions of the reaction NFT. Use 0 if optionBits are not set.


This parameter can be used to embed additional data about the user interaction. Use maxInt256 if ipfsMetadataHash is not set.

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