React to an NFT using a RARA reaction. This will generate an NFT (“Like Token”) for the Reactor. Add metadata to the reaction by including an IPFS hash.
Parameter Types
transformId: Uint256, // The ID of the Reaction Transform you want to use
quantity: Uint256, // The number of Reactions you'd like to send
referrerAddress: Address, // The Address that should receive referrer cuts
optionBits: Uint256, // Parameter version of the Reaction you're using
takerNFTChainId: Uint256, // Chain ID of the NFT receiving the Reaction
takerNFTAddress: Address, // Contract Address of the NFT receiving the Reaction
takerNFTId: Uint256, // Token ID of the NFT receiving the Reaction
curatorVaultOverride: Address, // Override used for alternate Curator Vaults
ipfsMetadataHash: String // Additional metadata to be saved with Reaction

Reaction Vault Contract Addresses

// Polygon Mainnet
// Polygon Mumbai

Reaction Vault Contract ABI

Reaction Vault ABI
address: "0xA374674F97885BD378059708e97f7117CB74683d", // Mumbai Address
name: 'react',
stateMutability: 'payable',
type: 'function',
inputs: [
internalType: 'uint256',
name: 'transformId',
type: 'uint256',
internalType: 'uint256',
name: 'quantity',
type: 'uint256',
internalType: 'address',
name: 'referrer',
type: 'address',
internalType: 'uint256',
name: 'optionBits',
type: 'uint256',
internalType: 'uint256',
name: 'takerNftChainId',
type: 'uint256',
internalType: 'address',
name: 'takerNftAddress',
type: 'address',
internalType: 'uint256',
name: 'takerNftId',
type: 'uint256',
internalType: 'address',
name: 'curatorVaultOverride',
type: 'address',
internalType: 'string',
name: 'ipfsMetadataHash',
type: 'string',
outputs: []

Send a Reaction with ethers.js and ipfs-http-client

See ReactionVault tab for contract definitions

[Optional] Save Reaction Metadata to IPFS

If you'd like to include a Comment or Tags with your Reaction, you'll need to save that information to IPFS first. If you just want to send a Reaction you can skip this step.
import { client } from 'ipfs-http-client'
interface IReactionMetadata {
comment?: String;
tags?: String[];
// Instantiate a new IPFS Client -- we use an IPFS node hosted by theGraph
const client = create(new URL(''));
// Create a metadata blob to store comments and/or tags.
const reactionMetadata: IReactionMetadata = {
comment: "My first comment using the RARA! Social Curation Protocol",
tags: ["rara", "social", "curation"]
// Save reaction metadata on IPFS to generate an ipfsCID. Keep this ipfsCID handy as we'll use it in the next step.
const { ipfsCID } = await client.add(JSON.stringify(reactionMetadata));

Send a Reaction and Reaction Metadata to an NFT

To send a Reaction to an NFT, use the react function of the ReactionVault. All parameters are required (see the Parameters section for more details).
import { Contract, constants } from 'ethers'
// Select an NFT to receive the reaction
const TakerNFT = {
chainId: 80001,
contractAddress: 0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963,
tokenId: 107136376226630408484522358727913128313617592685310283300071728450490266025985
// Instantiate a Reaction Vault contract and attach a signer
const ReactionVault = new Contract(
// Call the React function with required parameters
const transaction = await ReactionVault.react(
102265098525112739997130475423667270810501597805004267158805479941320194430532, //transformId,
1, //quantity
constants.AddressZero, // referrerAddress
constants.Zero, // optionBits
TakerNFT.chainId, // takerNFT Chain ID
TakerNFT.contractAddress, // takerNFT Contract Address
TakerNFT.tokenId, // takerNFT ID
constants.AddressZero, // curatorVaultOverride
ipfsCID // "QmV3wpfESJdZTaY262rZMqGSmH8cV9ThDDxRaKDm1ZmoWs"
// await completion of React function call
const receipt = await transaction.wait()


All parameters are required


The ID of the reaction to be used. Only registered reactions can be used.


The number of reactions to be sent. If value is sent, the reaction quantity must equal the value / reactionPrice


The address of the referring party. If value is sent, the referrer will be rewarded with value * saleReferrerBasisPoints. Use addressZero if no referrerAddress is set.


This parameter can be used to create different versions of the reaction NFT. Use 0 if optionBits are not set.


Chain ID of the NFT receiving reactions


Contract Address of the NFT receiving reactions


Token ID of the NFT receiving reactions


This parameter allows for multiple Curator Vaults. Use addressZero if curatorVaultOverride is not set.


This parameter can be used to embed additional data about the user interaction. Use maxInt256 if ipfsMetadataHash is not set.

Source Code

View the protocol on Github.
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