Integration Guide

This guide is intended for software developers that wish to programmatically interact with the RARA protocol and/or consume & analyze RARA protocol data.

Protocol Goals

RARA is a social curation protocol open to anyone wishing to curate NFTs with others. The objectives of the protocol are: Reward discovery and curation of NFTs; Enable personal expression through NFT-backed reactions; and Create public, composable curation data.

Curation is the act of adding context and, in the case of RARA, social context. Protocol users add social context to NFTs by burning NFT-based reactions on NFTs. The media of the curated NFT and the media of each Reaction create a media graph of society’s most loved NFTs.

Protocol Summary

NFTs owners can register their NFTs to be sold as Reactions. Reactions are purchased and burned in order to curate and comment on NFT’s. The USDC value of the reaction is deposited in a bonding curve; each curated NFT has a separate bonding curve. When a reaction is burned the user receives Curator Tokens which represent shares of the bonding curve. Curator Tokens can be redeemed for USDC

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