💬Curation Adds Context

RARA adds social context.

We believe that the act of curation is all about adding context. As a social curation protocol we give users the tools to do just that by leveraging some of the most used social tools on the Internet: reactions, comments, and tags.

  • Reactions are used to express all the things that words cannot. They provide a shorthand for us to add emotional and communal context to the things we love (or hate) in the form of emojis and memes -- cultural products that are, in every way, native to the internet.

  • Comments give us a way to add context in words that are completely our own. They give us the space to share stories, to discuss ideas, to speak directly to the audience in the language of our choosing, using as many or as few words as we need.

  • Tags help us organize things into discoverable groups -- shared, open conversations that reach across the internet to find and grow communities around the content that matters.

Builders can look up curation activity for any NFT using TheGraph. Consumers can search all curation activity on any NFT platform and see activity on RA! Like Tokens.

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