The RaRa protocol is managed via a permission system implemented in the AddressManager.sol contract. This allows specified addresses on the chain to take administrative actions. These include:

  • Updating contract implementations

  • Updating parameters (such as the price of 1 reaction)

  • Updating protocol addresses

  • Updating the default Bonding Curve implementation

  • Others

It should be noted that there is some risk associated with upgradeable contracts and parameter management, but in no way can anyone or any contract involved in the protocol take ownership of your NFTs or move them in any manner. To use the protocol, you only prove ownership of an NFT at registration and do not give any approvals to the protocol for the NFT or move the NFT in any protocol owned contracts or addresses.

Administrative Multisig

The protocol is currently managed via a 2-of-4 Gnosis multisig wallet by the team. This will ensure multiple parties are responsible for managing any changes to the protocol and allow multiple confirmations from different members before any changes go into effect.

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