The protocol is powered by NFT-backed reactions

Users react to curate NFTs. Spending reactions enables users to add comments and tags to an NFT, too. Reaction can be used as:

  • Web3 emojis, likes, GIFs, and memes;

  • Filters for Photo NFTs; and

  • In-Game Consumables.

Reactions are one-time use ERC-1155 tokens generated by the registered NFT’s media. Anyone can register an NFT they own as a reaction. We call these users "Makers".

Once a reaction is registered, anyone can use it to curate an NFT via react. We call these users "Curators". Every time you react to an NFT, a free RA! Like Token is generated.

All curation and RA! like tokens are free! Transaction costs are generally only 1-2 cents in $MATIC.

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