Use Cases

Web 2.5 tools for the next million users

RARA's provides Web2.5 tools for bridging the next wave of users into Web3. React, comment, or tag an NFT to generate a free RA! Like Token that captures the moment on-chain.

Mobile Apps

  • Web3 Emojis, GIFs, and Likes. Replace centralized like buttons and GIFs with Web3 reactions with react.

  • NFT Filters. Create filters for photo NFTs using reactions and generate free RA! like tokens to capture the moment.

Social Apps

  • Live NFT Commentary. Goodbye cold start problem. Get new users into the conversation quick with live and historical comments on NFTs.

  • Community Memes. Embrace your community memes by enabling collectors to register their NFTs as reactions. It's free utility, friend.

  • Build "For You" feeds. Use RARA curation graph to build feeds customized to a users likes and preferences.

  • Decentralize #hashtags. Use the tag feature to build indexable lists.

NFT Marketplaces

  • Bid & Offer Comments. Send Comments on Bids and Offers

  • Smart NFT Recommendations. Recommend NFTs to buy based on a user's preferences with RARA engagement data.

Music NFT Apps

  • Playlist. Use tags to add NFTs to public or private playlist.

  • Time-Stamped Comments. Show user comments and reactions directly on songs.


  • Use reactions for in-game consumables to gamify user engagement with in world NFTs

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