The protocol uses specific terms to refer to different concepts. Below are some of the terms you should become acquainted with.


This is the core primitive of the RaRa protocol. These are non-transferrable NFTs that are purchased for usage in the protocol. When the reaction is used, it is "spent" and burned from the owner's wallet.


A maker is the address that owns an NFT that is registered for usage as a reaction in the protocol. Makers earn rewards by selling reactions.


A creator is the address that minted and created an NFT. Creators can earn rewards for NFTs that they created if they are used in the protocol.


A curators is the address that buys and spends reactions in the protocol. Spending a reaction on an NFT is the act of "Curating".


A taker is the address that owns an NFT that is being curated. A taker earns curator shares as rewards when a reaction is spent against their NFTs.


Any application can integrate the RaRa protocol as a referrer. When facilitating a reaction purchase or a reaction spend, they can include their address in the call and earn a small percentage of the rewards.

Curator Shares

When a reaction is spent against an NFT a Curator Shares bonding curve is used to purchase ERC1155 tokens specific for that NFT. Curator shares will go up in price as more users spend reactions against that NFT, following a sigmoid curve. Any owner of curator shares can sell them back into the bonding curve, but the only way to buy curator shares is to spend a reaction.
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